KUDELSKI SECURITY (KUD: SWX): A Paradigm Shift in Cyber Security Solutions

Top 10 Managed Security Services Companies in Europe - 2022

Securing a business’s IT infrastructure was a relatively simpler task just a decade ago. Everything was completely tucked behind the corporate firewall. There were few true cloud options available for corporate assets and no remote workforce to safeguard, manage, and protect with iPads and mobile devices. The corporate firewalls and end-to-end security solutions of the past could be relied on to keep everything safe. Managing security today, however, is a much more complicated process. Modern organizations face a slew of cyberattacks that threaten to damage their bottom line. They deal with a far greater attack surface and infrastructure complexity, with significantly fewer experts to manage it. The market demand for next-gen security solutions and practices is continually on the rise.

Organizations of all sizes are reaching for greater efficiencies and effectiveness. They are embracing new technologies to keep up with the pace of change and to be competitive. As all remote efficiency techniques have tradeoffs, they allow employees to work from remote places and stay connected while on the road. They also understand the increases security risks and administration complexities involved. While the IT solution environment has grown to become more efficient and productive, it has also become more intricate. A typical SMB could have hybrid wide-area networks (WANs), a variety of platforms, and DevOps environments and processes that aren’t always tightly linked with security.

At this juncture, with a renewed emphasis on security and strategy, there are a variety of solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced managed security services. To thwart cybercriminals, organizations are continuing to layer on security controls to remain competitive and future-ready, capitalizing on the new ways in which businesses can be secured in the digital age. We hope this edition of Cyber Security Review Europe helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to enable seamless cybersecurity principles.

We present to you Cyber Security Review Europe’s, “Top 10 Managed Security Services Companies in Europe - 2022.”

    Top Managed Security Services Companies in Europe

  • indevis is a TÜV-certified provider of IT security, network and data center solutions that supports its customers with managed security services

  • Kudelski Security is a premier cybersecurity solutions provider, working with the most security-conscious organizations in Europe and across the United States

  • Aiuken Cybersecurity

    Aiuken Cybersecurity

    Aiuken Cybersecurity offers managed security services and cloud services as a protective base for large companies, SMEs and public administration

  • CSIS Security Group

    CSIS Security Group

    CSIS Security Group provides prevention, incident response and, for customers who need to optimise their internal security resources, as a 24/7 managed security service

  • F-Secure Corporation (FSC1V: HEL)

    F-Secure Corporation (FSC1V: HEL)

    F-Secure Corporation is a global cyber security and privacy company, offering innovative, seamless, and highly efficient managed security services

  • InfoGuard


    InfoGuard is a Swiss cyber security expert providing =comprehensive cyber security and innovative network services and solutions

  • Nixu Cybersecurity (NIXU: HEL)

    Nixu Cybersecurity (NIXU: HEL)

    Nixu Corporation is a cybersecurity services company that partners with organisations to provide them practical solutions for ensuring business continuity

  • ON2IT


    ON2IT offers worldwide managed cybersecurity services for organizations with complex and dynamic IT infrastructures.

  • Radar Cyber Security

    Radar Cyber Security

    Radar Cyber Security offers its inhouse developed platform – Radar Platform – based on leading cybersecurity detection technology

  • Wisper


    Wisper offers secured PC virtualisation and open source unified communication and call centre solutions, enabling businesses to manage their workstations centrally and securely

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