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Top 5 Managed Security Services Companies in Uk - 2022

The operational benefits brought forth by managed service providers significantly improve a company’s ability to perform in the market. They reduce operating expenses by simplifying IT operations, increase customer satisfaction, and improve overall quality of service delivered. More often than not, managed services also include everything from post-launch support to long-term application operations. Now, the same efficacies are being incorporated into the world of cybersecurity.

Managed security service providers (MSSP) help enterprises that lack the necessary expertise or resources to meet their organisational security demands. These services enable some of the smaller businesses to leverage expertise in areas where they may be lacking manpower to complete time-consuming activities, and access to cyber security experts with experience in a variety of situations.

Yet another challenge is the scarcity of cybersecurity skills. Internal IT priorities are typically corporate productivity and continuity, with security being an afterthought. It is critical to ensure that a full-time, dedicated staff carries out routine security checks such as vulnerability and penetration tests to prevent any unwarranted attacks.

While there is no simple solution to IT complexities in companies’ infrastructures, there are effective solutions to a business’s security dilemma. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed MSSPs, Cyber Security Review Europe has compiled a list of the top five MSSPs in the UK for the year 2022. The enlisted organizations keep up with cutting-edge technology to ensure that businesses have the necessary support to leverage those trending technologies. The magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, and recent innovations.

We present to you Cyber Security Review Europe’s, “Top 5 Managed Security Services Companies in UK – 2022.”

    Top Managed Security Services Companies in Uk

  • Comtact provides specialist Cyber Security & IT Services, and since 2005, the firm has worked tirelessly to transform and secure its clients’ IT operations - from service functions to business enablers.

  • SAS Global Communications is one of the leading providers of SD-WAN-enabled global hybrid networks and specialises in catering to both mid-market and enterprise customers. The company was recently acquired by FluidOne, the market-leading provider of connected

  • Adarma Security

    Adarma Security

    Adarma Security is UK’s largest independent cyber threat management company that delivers trusted and transparent security solutions for protecting organisations against an increasingly complex and harmful threat landscape

  • CloudCoCo (CLCO: LON)

    CloudCoCo (CLCO: LON)

    CloudCoCo assess the IT environment, policies, and procedures to provide the most effective managed security services for its client’s bespoke requirement 

  • Cyberseer


    Cyberseer offers advanced threat detection and a 24×7 managed security service (MSS) by combining machine learning and behavioural analytics

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